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Tailor Made Leopard Suit

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This is a hundred percent tailor-made suit that is perfect for wearing at parties and making everyone go bananas!

Animal prints have been in fashion since time immemorial and it seems that they are here to stay for good. Whether it is a friend’s birthday or a wild theme party, this suit says it all.

With hand sewn buttons and sewn canvas, this tailored suit is fitted to perfection according to the wants of the customer. When one thinks of clothing that is comfortable as well as stylish and new age, this leopard print suit is a winner. Being a mix of silk satin and polyester, the fabric is just right for those all-nighters. So it’s time to live it up!

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Tailor made leopard suit. Two pieces; jacket and trousers.

Pattern: Leopard

Handcraft: 100% tailor made. Hand sewn canvas. Hand sewn buttons and lapels.

Fabric: 65% Silk Satin, 35% Polyester.

Lining: 65% Silk Satin, 35% Polyester.

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